Sunday, 1 July 2012

Work in Progress Deep blue

New paper cut out illustration inspired the BBC's the blue planet documentary!! amazing sea life imagery thats fuelling a new series that I am working on.


AshBob said...

wow this looks stunning, so much detail! I really love the work you do, takes a lot of patience but well worth it!

Bry said...

Wow, this is absolutely stunning and very evocative. Is it available for purchase?

Skylark Illustrations said...

Hello, this print is available to buy from my shop from the 4th of September!

Please send me your mail and I will send you a message when they in the shop.

So glad you like the artwork!:D

virginia said...

great work, i admire your patience!

Skylark Illustrations said...

Hey Bry,

I wanted to let you know the deep blue print is available to buy from my shop!

Thanks for looking at my artwork:D

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