Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Paper gourmet salad

Earlier this year I was commissioned to  make a delicious paper cut platter by a foodie with a real passion for  international cuisine. 

My brother works as the sous chef at a fine dining restaurant, we have always spoken about creating artwork that draws from the stylish composition and rich colours of food. So I was thrilled to take on this job and worked hard to create a conceptual plate of gastronomic  art inspired by the delicate garden salad. 

I sketched out the idea for my dish, then individually cut each element  by hand from paper before arranging each piece onto a clean white paper  cut plate. I particularly enjoyed curling the paper into a courgette and  cutting micro cress to create texture. I loved working on this piece which has inspired me to create a whole range of food inspired artwork. I'd love to see a restaurant capture the  magic of their creations in this creative way. 


Joanne Young said...

This is really beautiful!

Sarah Dennis said...

Thanks Joanne! :D

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