Friday, 7 March 2014

The Rose and Crown Cuckfield

It has been a dream of my Dads to open his own restaurant for a long time, luckily for him his son Simon is a very talented chef and also shares the same dream. After all these years of dreaming it has finally happened, the Rose and Crown restaurant and bar is now open for business. I've played a small part in this creation and have designed artwork for the walls, logo and menu covers.

Not only has my Brother and Dad joined forces but also Simons fiancee Nina is managing the bar, Close friend of Simon's Alan is sharing the position of head chef. Alan is also a master in the kitchen and has been trained by the best, he has previously worked for Gordon Ramsey and jamie Oliver. My Aunty Sue and Mum are also on board helping out on front of house and the rest of the family are supporting them in any way possible. 

This piece is of the building all made from paper. You see it as soon as you walk into the bar area, I hope it captures the creative, homemade, family ethos of the place. My family were very happy with it,  it was a joy to be able to give them some thing that represents so much to us all. 

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