Monday, 26 October 2015

Animal Camouflage A Search and Find Activity Book

I am so pleased to show you a my new book "Animal Camouflage" a search and find activity book for children and is also fun for adults.
Author and publisher Sam Hutchinson of Bsmall publishing was inspired by the way I cuts worlds of nature from a single piece of paper and together we put together the idea for this wonderful book, I'm so pleased with how it has turned out. We used my artwork to take the reader on a journey of discovery across seven different regions around the world, giving readers the opportunity to become an intrepid explorer, discovering and learning all about the native animals encountered along the way.
For a nature enthusiast like myself, this project was a absolute joy to create. I challenged myself to produce by far the most intricate and detailed designs I have created to date to date.  I loved cutting the complex detail into each scene, hiding each animal in their natural habitat and making sure that there is something new to discover each time your eyes glance around the page. 

Here is a little time lapse of my cutting the from cover, I hope you enjoy! please share with all your friends.

Only 7 days until the book hits she shops!!! You can pre order your copy now or ask you local book shop for the book.

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